Outlook RSS readers, what's your favorite?

What's your favorite Outlook RSS reader? These are the three free ones I've found:

RSSPopper http://rsspopper.blogspot.com/
IntraVNews http://www.intravnews.com/
Attensa http://www.attensa.com/

I currently use IntraVNews and am generally happy with it, but was wondering if there are any compelling reasons to look at the other two, or if there are other (preferably free) aggregators that plug into Outlook out there that I should check out. Has anyone done a side by side feature comparison of them? One feature that would be nice is to be able to read blogs on my PocketPC when disconnected, and have it keep in sync with my laptop's blog items so I don't have to read them twice.


  • I have been really happy with RssPopper. Also, Attensa might not be free for much longer...

  • Yep, tried IntraVNews for a long time and found it too limited, tried RSSPopper briefly and it was too buggy. Settled on RSSFeeder.NET, couldn't be happier and the developer responds almost immediately to any bugs that users post. Best thing is you don't have to have Outlook open to read and there are many different ways of reading. Plenty of other features as well not to mention the source code is available.

  • I use Newsgator and don't have any complaints. (not free)

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