XP SP2 RC2 Woes

Man, I have absolutely NO LUCK with XP SP2 on my machines. I downloaded and installed it tonight on my home machine (which was recently rebuilt), and WHAMMO! it doesn't boot up anymore, and when it first did I lost my DVD Burner (attached via FireWire). Anyone else having this much trouble? I know I had about the same problems with XP SP2 RC1.


  • I had the same problem, no boot, and it was related to a bad driver.

    I started ERD Commander, I disabled the UAGP35.sys driver, and then the notebook (ASUS A2800S) booted again.

    I filed a bug, and it seems that with the new RC it is solved...

  • Works like a charm. I thought it was odd that I had to re-set my preference to Enable Automatic Updates, since I had enabled it when I installed RC1 way back when.

    As for burners and other hardware devices (and some software programs), you're most likely running into DPE enforced memory protection. You'll need to set exceptions for certain programs (like burning software) to get it to work correctly. Some programs will just crash without giving any reason, other times XP will prompt you to add them to the safe list.



  • Oddly enough, I had huge difficulties with RC1 and wrote some scathing bug reports to MS, but RC2 (so far) seems quite stable. All of the bugs that I wrote up seem to have been fixed as far as I can tell.

  • Did you install over the last RC? If so, that's probably the cause. If not..well, ya got me. Works fine here. :)

  • Just got done installing it. installed flawlessly. no problems at all.

  • How do I set DPE enforced memory protection. exceptions for certain programs (like burning software) to get it to work correctly. ???

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