Naming Contest - You can Win!

With WebDeploy 1.2.2 rolling around the corner, its time that I take a step back and say that its been one hell of a ride. However, with 1.2.2, and previous versions, its become blatantly obvious that the name "WebDeploy" just doesn't justify the tools' versatility. I've also found out (well, not recently) that Wise actually has a product called WebDeploy. Obviously, I wouldn't want to cause a stir with them and get sued over the name.

So, I'm leaving it to you, the users, the wanters, the idea makers. I want YOU to come up with a new name for WebDeploy. This will be a contest, in which the chosen name's author will receive credit (unless they wish to remain nameless) as well as be awarded a FREE 1 Developer license to my custom controls.


  • The name must be catchy.
  • The name must be original, and cannot play off of another tool currently in the marketplace.
  • All submissions should be sent to, all other submissions sent through other means will be ignored. That includes comments to this post.
  • The name and a brief description about the name in the body. You should also supply contact information in the case that your idea is chosen.
  • You can submit as many ideas as you wish.
  • I reserve the right to disregard/ignore/revoke any submission.
  • I reserve the right to shorten or extend the submission time frame.
  • All submissions must be sent before August 1315, 2004 at 11:59 PM CST. Any submission after that time will be ignored.
  • If someone submits a duplicate name, and that name is chosen, only the first person who submitted the name will be elected as the winner. (Added 8/6/2004, 2:20 PM CST)


  • The author of the chosen name will receive a FREE 1 Developer License for my custom controls (thats a $75 dollar value).
  • The author will receive recognition within the tools interface.

So, why wait. Start thinking of the new name and shoot it on over to

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