WebDeploy Rebranded!

The naming contest that has entertained me for the last week has finally come to an end. Over 50 name suggestions came through the pipeline, some duplicates, some hilarious, and some just great. However, one name stood out amongst the rest that was just perfect. After having some internal discussions with Jeff, Ryan, and Adam, we all pretty much came to the same conclusion, this was the name.

So, congratulations to Mike Mahon for submitting the winning name. WebDeploy will no longer be called as such, and will be officially known as "Unleash It". I've also been working on a few images for Unleash It, and here is the main logo that I will be using:

While webloggers that love and use Unleash It can support it by using the following image on their weblog/site:

Currently there is no release for Unleash It. I'm working on version 2.0 based off of WebDeploy's source, and won't be out for another week or two. At the same time I'll be launching a place on my site for information on Unleash It so anyone and everyone can see how things are progressing. Linkbacks from the images above should point to the site once it is up, however for right now just link to the Unleash It category on my weblog.

Again, thank you to all who submitted their ideas, and definitely a big congratulations to Mike Mahon for submitting such great ideas.


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