Amazon Shipping - How Lame

So on December 28th, I ordered 3 iTunes gift cards from Amazon with my $40 gift card bonus from work, and it has finally shipped. What really sucks is that the first round of ship dates came and gone, and so they bumped it out a week. Yesterday, I shot an email to them saying how unfortunate it is that they cannot fulfill thier orders in a timely fashion. They, however, gave me a sob story that the iTunes gift cards were backordered and they didn’t know when they were getting some in…okay, they’re gift cards – geezus, its not like I’m buying 3 42” plasma tvs or something! So, they finally responded and told me they were upgrading my shipping to 2 day priority from my free shipping that would take 3–5 days. Well, my items finally got shipped…late today (Friday). Which means, it won’t actually go out until Monday – why? Well, 2 day shipping doesn’t get picked up on weekends, so my 2 day shipping is going to take 4–5 days, and so we’re back at the beginning of this vicious cycle except for the fact that I know my gift cards are on their way.


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