Archives / 2004 / November
  • Unleash It Survey

    I’ve recently sent out a new beta to my beta group requiring them to fill out a survey. However, that group is limited, and I wanted to get a more broad input on Unleash It. So, please, if you use Unleash It, take a few moments to fill out the following survey using the “Contact” link to the left. Also, if you would like to become a user in my beta group, please indicate this as well!

  • Running a Beta Test

    I found this article (via Larkware News) on how to run a beta test. Very insightful, and I’ll definately take some pointers based on the results. I’ve also been taking part in another beta test for a piece of software that follows some of the same pointers that I was going to implement myself. All-in-all, its a good read if you ever need to do a beta test.

  • Unleash It 2.3.1 Memory Leak

    This is just an FYI for users of Unleash It 2.3.1: There was a memory leak found in the latest version that only affects users who test their FTP settings.

  • Updated Utility: Unleash It 2.3.1

    It’s time for a service release that fixes issues with using the Multiple Profile deployment settings. It was brought to my attention that many things were broken with this, and so I took it on to do a service release, one that I don’t normally do, to just get these bugs hammered out so people can continue to use them. Also in this release is an updated version of VisualStyles which will hopefully solve various error messages received when configuring a profile. However, since these are few and far between, please report any problems you’re continuing to have with these. So, here’s the changelog:

  • Fire in Family

    Well, not my family, but my work family. A co-worker’s house caught on fire yesterday morning severly damaging it. Luckily they were out getting family pictures, and only the dogs were there, who were rescued. You can read more at our local newspaper. My company will be starting to take up a collection here to help out. They’re currently staying at the husband’s parents house, but unfortunately, they have very little of anything left. Please keep them in your thoughts.

  • BlogJet 1.2 BETA Released

    Ohh the day has come, hip hip horay! hip hip horay! The folks over at BlogJet have finally released version 1.2 BETA of the ever so popular blogging application, BlogJet. I’ve been waiting for this release for quite some time, and I’m currently using it to post this entry.

  • Microsoft is using MY Controls

    I was working with one of our engineers getting our company information completed after we just passed an ISV competency test through Microsoft, and while I was filling out the page, I noticed there's a Calendar control on it. So I clicked it, and hey - it looks like mine. Examining the source of the page reveals that it IS mine. Woah, talk about cool...Microsoft is using MY calendar popup control and MY numeric textbox. That gave me a high for the day, and its only 10AM.

  • Find in Firefox

    Everytime I need to find something in a wepage, I hit Ctrl-F. Most applications have a dialog that opens up and allows you to search for the word, phrase etc. However, Firefox took an old feature and made it awesome. See what I mean by opening up Firefox and clicking Ctrl-F ... don't see anything? Well, look towards the bottom of the browser. A new toolbar opens up allowing you type your search phrase. The really awesome part is that as soon as you start typing, it starts finding all instances and brings your browser to the first instance. Cool man cool.

  • Framework Oddity

    Can someone explain to me why the choice was taken to have SqlDbType under System.Data instead of System.Data.SqlClient like OleDbType is under System.Data.OleDb, or vice versa? Anyone ever notice this oddity?

  • Updated Utility: Unleash It 2.3 - Now with Plugins!

    Exactly 1 month from the last release, Unleash It 2.3 is now officially released with the gold stamp of approval. This release has some more major improvements in the application, however the biggest announcement for this release is the introduction of plugin support. Now, you have a way of writing managed code to do custom processes before, during, and after a deployment. With this release, I've also built and supplied the source code for 4 plugins: