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  • MCSD Gods are against me

    Err, well another phone call the Thursday before my week of training confirms that it too, was cancelled. Maybe its a sign saying you should be a developer and only a developer - I really don't know why I want the MCSD other than the fact that it would be good to have. I mean, its not like I'm going to get a pay raise, or have my role changed at work. Maybe I'll just stick it on the back burner for now and ride on my MCAD at work (which btw has gotten me no where, gotta love companies who do that).

  • Registering for TechEd

    I think Microsoft is trying to get me to go to TechEd. This is the second time I've seen this (BTW - the image is not doctored):

  • Erik Porter Saves Time

    Sounds like a nice headline for a newspaper, huh. I thought so too. Anyway, to the point of this post, I was struggling with formatting a Guid to the "registry" way of viewing it, you know - 32 digits separated by hyphens with curly brackets around it.

  • dBase Column Names

    So for the past 2 days I've banging my head against anything replacable - wall, keyboard, desk - you get the idea...but WHY? Well I was trying to use ODBC to insert rows into a dBase file, and it was giving me an error: "Invalid syntax in Insert Statement". Just for reference, here's an example of my insert:

  • Job Shadowing is Fun

    I just had a student from a local high school job shadow me for about an hour or so. Overall, I think I left him with a very good impression on what development work is really like - well, in the sense that I spend some of my mornings doing bug fixes. I was able to show him how to diagnose & fix 2 different applications, 1 of which was alerted to me while we were working on the first application. However, I feel like I might have lost him at parts, because he hasn't done much programming himself, and has only really used BASIC (eek!) and HTML (ahhhh). I did ask him if he was lost at any point, and he said that for the most part he understood what I was doing. I guess thats a good thing, since he wants to become a game developer himself.

  • What are Agg Views

    So heres an interesting question - I've been using this weblog for quite some time now, and I just realized that I don't really know what "Agg Views" are. Now - before you go off your high horse, I know that they refer to RSS subscriptions in Aggregators (I'm not a moron), but my real question is, how is this stat collected? Is it based on RSS subscriptions to only my feed, or does that include the main feed subscribers as well? Anyone care to enlighten me?

  • Apprentice - The Final Chapter

    So Bill won, hmph. I wanted Kwame to win, but oh well. I'm in the middle of commercials, so I'm not sure what job Bill's going to take, but I would take the Golf Course job. I've lived in IL all my life, and it would be awesome to be out on the west coast.

  • Figured out Scroll Wheel Problem with Mouse

    I've been fighting this problem for quite some time now...whenever I was using IE or other applications where screens would refresh - and I would use my scroll wheel - the page would refresh, and sometimes go backwards and forwards. It was a very erratic and annoying behavior, but I finally figured out the culprit.

  • TDD Research Findings

    As a followup to my previous post on gathering research information, I wanted to share the findings with everyone in case they're put in the same situation I (and another co-worker) was. Thanks to the strong efforts of my co-worker, we were able to produce good measurements of TDD effects.

  • Whidbey Updates from Scott Louvau

    Scott Louvau just recently posted a summary listing to the Whidbey newsgroups on what his team is working on. Some items were notable enough to get blogged, so here ya go in case you missed them:

  • NUnitASP and Portals

    As a followup to my blog post yesterday, my boss decided to throw a new one at me - give an example of how we can use NUnitASP for our projects as another form of TDD during the project life cycle. Well, I hadn't used NUnitASP before, so I jumped right in following their step-by-step tutorial for newbies. Sure, the tutorial wasn't a real-world example, it did give you an idea of how things work and what needs to be done.

  • TDD Case Studies

    I'm trying to shift my division at work into using TDD. Everyone seems to be in favor of it, however they're wanting some quantitative measurements via Case Studies or White Papers that will show over time or over a project that TDD decreases bugs and increases developer productivity. Does anyone know of any references that are available online that I can point them to?

  • Retrieve AS/400 Data

    Wally just pointed out a new data provider for .NET that will allow developers to talk directly with AS/400 servers. I don't know how many times we've had to access data on AS/400 systems in a round-about way. No more will we need to use DTS in SQL Server to transfer data over on a nightly basis!

  • Creating Classes in VS.NET

    I'm sitting here at work building an application using TDD (which by itself is another post, and may be coming later), and every time I start a new class for another piece of the puzzle, I'm hating on how I have put the keyword "sealed" class in my declaration. Now, this isn't a major issue, but it can be if you plan on releasing an API for customers to build against. What's my issue? Well, I'm wondering if the "sealed" and "notinheritable" keywords should be applied by default in Whidbey.

  • Server Uptime

    I just realized today that my home server (which hosts Vault for me) has been up and running for quite some time. In fact, I believe it has been up and running as long as I've moved into my latest apartment (middle of February). Going under this assumption, I checked it out with a little tool called "uptime" from Microsoft, and I was right...its been up and running for 53 days and counting. Nice! I don't think I've ever had a server (even at work) be up this long without needing a reboot. And yes - it is updated with all the latest security updates.

  • I hate the Media

    Preface: This post is in no way trashing or slandering the men and women that serve our country. I have great respect for those men and women serving our country during these frivolous times. It is, however, slandering the media and their recent attempts of providing "the best news around."

  • Are you Bored?

    If anyone would ask me that question right now, I would respond with "I'm insanely bored."  But here I am, sitting at work, doing nothing. Not because I choose to do so, but because there's just nothing to do. Normally I have some bit of a programming project I can work on, like WebDeploy or Resizer, but recently I've come across no more items to add into these.  Well, I'm sure Resizer could be beefed up a bit, I just don't feel like it right now.

  • NUnit TestRunner VS.NET Addin

    My team at work is starting to look into using the Extreme Programming (XP) model, and as such I've started to do some reading up on it...and determined that its driven highly on TDD. This is something, unfortunately, I've had no experience with.  So - I downloaded NUnit and started working with it, and (like always) I was trying to find the most streamlined way of running my tests.

  • 100% Managed Code

    Through my normal routine of reading/responding to Microsoft newsgroups, a question came up about "100% Managed Code" phrases that companies use.  Specifically, the user was asking about a PDF component advertising it as such, and was just wondering if it was possible that they were using the Adobe APIs still.  Well, my response basically stated that since they're advertising it as "100% Managed Code", that it probably doesn't use Interop, and has built on the described api.

  • How To Get Active Build from Project File

    Well, I'm sitting here, struggling...struggling to find out how to get the active build configuration from a visual studio project file.  I've been studying the XML file, and there is absolutely no where that denotes what the active build config is.  I've also looked in the project.user file as well as the solution file, luck. Would anyone like to share how you determine the active build configuration?