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  • New Partner Membership Center Receives Praise

    Ran across a couple posts late last night from a blogger code-named “happyfunboy”. Seems like he has the general consensus of how the new Partner Membership Center is working. His posts are a pretty good synopsis of the good, the not-so-bad, and the changed (no ugly, never ugly). If you’ve not figured out, we are listening, and your input counts. If you don’t want to publicly post your experiences / suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me. If you do post, shoot your url on over to me so I can pass it on.

  • Return of Snippy

    Okay, so its not as dramatic as if Clippy was returning, but if you've been doing any VS2005 work recently, who am I kidding...who isn't now that its released, and you've been trying to figure out how to create your own code snippets (and if you've not heard of them, have you been living under a rock?), enter "Snippy". A powertoy released that's actually a standalone app that allows you to create your own code snippets. Simply enter the title, shortcut, the code & the literals/objects - save it to “~\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Code Snippets\LANGUAGE\My Code Snippets” and you’re good to go. Just open up VS2005 after that and type in your shortcut to see your code snippet appear before your eyes. Cool.

  • A few Atlas Gotchas

    So the last couple weeks, I’ve gotten the chance to play around with the Atlas bits and during that time, I’ve come across a few“gotchas” that aren’t documented anywhere that I’m sure people would love to know about…

  • We're apart of the v.Next wave!

    Over the last 7 months, I’ve been locked away for countless hours working on the v.Next wave of products for Microsoft’s partners. I’m happy ecstatic to announce that we’re finally shipping v.Next of Microsoft’s Partner Program portal, rather the Partner Membership Center. While I can’t talk specifics about the release just yet, I will let you in on some new teasers to wet your noggin’ with…

  • Making the List

    So I too ran the cool little tool that calculates your blogs worth, but didn’t feel like spamming my worth. Much to my amazement, I made Roy’s Top 31 list! Really, I think he was just being nice, and it should have been top 30, but – I made it. (Link to original worth listing by Jon)

  • Craving that VS2003 Web Deployment Experience in VS2005?

    So, you’ve just installed VS2005 and have been trying to figure out how to deploy your ASP.NET project, and its nothing like VS2003. Yup, your experience is expected, and the ASP.NET team (or just a few of them) have been working on a VS2005 plugin project that brings VS2005 web deployments back to the VS2003 roots. Check out Scott’s lengthy post on this new plugin project which will be available later this week.