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  • Installed & Uninstalled 2003 SP1

    So I promptly installed 2003 SP1 last night, only to find out that it breaks one of my most used applications…Backup Plus. This application is great, when its working. It allows you to define backup sets, then compress them & store them just about anywhere you wish. For me, that was storing on CD-RW media. Simply installing a packet writer application allowed me to do this.

  • Sadness with CNet Blogs

    Okay, this blog post on CNet is just sad, they’re making fun of the fact that 2 kids in Kansas were going to swap an XBox for a .38–caliber revolver. It seems to me like their down playing the seriousness of the situation just a bit too much. I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but the CNet news articles, which are now blog posts are degrading and degrading fast. This is just another prime example, and I will seriously think about not reading anything that comes from CNet from now on.

  • Updated Utility: Unleash It 2.4.1

    So with my looming day of working for Microsoft draws nearer, I wanted to make one last effort to get an updated version of Unleash It to fix some issues that have come up since the last release. Mostly, I wanted to do this because I’m not sure of Unleash It’s destiny after I start at Microsoft, so this is the main reason for getting a new version out now. So, here are the updates:

  • Road to the Red Pill - Part 2

    In Part 1 of “Road to the Red Pill” – I described how my resume was submitted and how my first few interviews went. This part will focus on my remaining interviews. Enjoy!

  • Want more than a 15 Second Interval in FogBugz?

    With the FogBugz 4.0 release, they disbanded (currently) the idea of polling intervals for retrieving mail. While this means less things to manage, it does pose problems with filling up the error log with messages stating it cannot connect to the mail server. However, that messages is just erroneous because things still function, it just so happens its getting hit WAAY to often than what some servers would allow.

  • Road to the Red Pill - Part 1

    It all started towards the middle of January 2005 when the SMS&P division purchased the source code for my custom controls. Needless to say, I was awe-struck when I noticed that the man, yes Microsoft, wanted the source to my controls. Of course, following my natural instinct of being nosy, I started a conversation with that person (name shall remain nameless unless he states otherwise) over the whole purchase to validate (to myself I guess) that Microsoft is really purchasing it.

  • Rounding Down

    Ohh, I bet your thinking this is a technical post, well…its not.

  • Becoming A Blue Badge

    So today marks my two week notice to my current employer, Integrity Technology Solutions. Over the last two months, I’ve been interviewing with Microsoft and have accepted an offer for an Application Developer position in the SMS&P division (which, if you don’t know, is their Small & Medium Sized Businesses & Partner Program division).

  • IE7 and Standards

    So the IE team, specifically Chris Wilson, decided to blog something worthwhile about future support of standards, specifically within IE7. While I applaud Microsoft’s stance on standards, I’m just wondering what *else* would be implemented into “standards”.

  • Netscape 8 BETA

    Get Netscape 8 BETA, or wait FireFox 1.0, no it is Netscape 8 BETA…or is it FireFox 1.0 – hmm, boy, just what I want to do, get Netscape which roots from FireFox…glad they can rebrand their products successfully. Reading the release notes indicates that it is truly that, just a rebranded FireFox browser (sure, with some added features – what about putting those into FireFox!)…see for yourself.

  • Copying XML Nodes from a Doc to Another

    This should be filed as, “that’s pretty cool – I didn’t know that.” So for all of you SDK reading zealots out there, stay away - far away…I don’t want any comments (yet I have a feeling this statement will generate the fury that enrages them to post) stating “its in the SDK, just read it.” As I’ve said time and time again, when you have to work with the stuff day in and day out and only look up the stuff you need when appropriate, this theory just doesn’t work… so I don’t want to hear it, ‘kay?

  • Review: Painless Project Management with FogBugz

    Mike Gunderloy’s latest book, Painless Project Management with FogBugz, was a much suprise present that I received earlier last week. Needless to say I was going to purchase the book myself, but was greatly appreciative to whomever sent it to me (thank you, you unknown soldier of the free book society), making my ability to travel to the bookstore pointless…but I digress…