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  • XML For Signatures

    Today I've seen something I've never seen before that raises the bar on geekness... XML for signatures. One was XAML and another was a VS.NET Styled XML signature. Heh, crazy - okay back to work.

  • ... But Not an End to Excentrics World

    Following up from my last post, the end is no longer in sight. I’ve gotten approval (quickly I might add) from the ASP.NET Product Group concerning my continued development and distribution of my controls. So, once again I’m in the holding pattern of getting my moonlighting request approved on both ends. Hopefully this time, things will go a lot quicker.

  • There is an End to Everything...

    Wow, it’s been awhile since I last blogged…I guess my new job has seriously been keeping me that busy. It’s unfortunate that I have to announce such a depressing moment after such a long absence…