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  • EntLib 3.0 CTP

    Ohh, just in time for the holidays, Enterprise Library 3.0 has just had it's first CTP released. Might have to give it a whirl to see what I can use from it versus the current 2.0 version I'm using. Some of the new features look interesting, especially the new Validation Application Block & Application Block Software Factory. Good thing I'm leaving my computer behind, otherwise I think my wife would divorce me. Check out the new site on CodePlex.

  • Off for the Holidays

    Excentrics World will be unavailable until after the first of the year for celebrating the holidays. Please be aware that this will affect all support requests, forum response, and source code licensing purchases.

  • FogBugz getting an API & VS2005 Plugin!

    Yes, the title says it all. FogBugz is getting an exposed API (oddly enough feels like WebServices but isn't even close - rar!) in the next version. The good news is there's a beta version of this API already out that enables a new Visual Studio 2005 Plugin to see your cases by your various filters. I've been wanting something like this for home for quite awhile, so I'm quite happy to see this finally exists. I would have posted sooner about this, but it was a rocky start for the API as it's already on (my version #, not there's) 1.2 due to some bugs not allowing me or many others to work with it. So definately check this out if you're using FogBugz and Visual Studio 2005 & hate to have a separate IE window open to manage your bugs.

  • Microsoft AJAX & Google AdSense

    I was bitten by this bug that was introduced in Microsoft AJAX RC. It seems that Microsoft AJAX is overriding the default implementation of Date.parse from Javascript with it's own implementation. Normally this isn't a bad idea, but it only accepted a certain set of templates when parsing making Google AdSense break upon loading on the page. Luckily enough, some developer named Cyril has a workaround available. The forum post and his blog entry (in French) have more information. Those visiting my website should no longer have a Javascript error displayed as I've implemented this workaround temporarily.

  • Released: Excentrics World Server Controls v2.0.5

    Version 2.0.5 of Excentrics World Server Controls has just been released targeting Microsoft AJAX Extensions, RC1 to ensure continued full compatibility as well as some other bug fixes. It should be noted that with this release, the control set will no longer be compatible with any prior versions of Microsoft AJAX Extensions. The items that were added/fixed are: