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  • Released to Public: Excentrics World Server Controls v2.0, RTM!

    The day has finally come! After many hours migrating (and well, re-writing) my website, I’m happy to announce the official RTM release of Excentrics World Server Controls v2.0! There are still a few known issues logged on my forums that didn’t make the cut, however this official release marks an important part since 2004.

  • Website Under Maintenance

    If you’ve visited my site tonight, you may have noticed that it’s currently down for maintenance. What does this mean? Well, nothing bad of course, just migrating from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005 which will hopefully allow me to utilize some fancier features with the new website coming in a few weeks (hint hint). This migration hasn’t been easy as I started off with high hopes from my hoster. 24 hours later I have a working plan - which involves the following steps…