• Although your code is surely clean and professional, I totally dislike the idea of having ribbons _INSIDE_ a browser's window. Therefore I am also rather sad about the way MOSS 2010 goes.

    Ribbons are a desktop metapher; even tabs inside a browser hardly work. I like the way Google designs their websites, but Microsoft makes not a good job on this.

    (And I also like the low-bandwith view of MSDN).

  • Hi Uwe,

    I totally agree with you about the low-bandwith view of MSDN, I always use it. :-)

    One example where you could use the Ribbon is in a CMS. There can be a lot of settings and different views in it, and it can be hard to show them categorized. With a ribbon you can easily group them and get access to the settings you need, with just one or two clicks.

    If you don´t want to show the ribbon all the time you can double click on the "header items" and hide the ribbon. In that case it will take less then 30px off the height.

    Mikael Söderström

  • Thanks, Mikael, sounds reasonable, although I would fear that novice users would get confused about too many options.

    On a desktop you always have one main window that stays visible the whole application lifetime. Need to have a complex header menu ("ribbons") to have all options.

    On the web, (usually) the whole page is reloaded when navigating, so no need to have a complex header menu ("ribbons") to give you all the options. Here, a much stripped-down menu with the required options for the CURRENT page only would be enough for me.

    Nevertheless, you have done good work!


  • Uwe, that _can_ be true, but one thing I love with the ribbon is that you can get rid of many of the options in a good looking way.

    If you have for example the Ribbon, you can choose to show the settings for the current page (jQuery Ribbon supports hash tags), and have the other options just a click away, which makes it a smooth transition between different pages´ alternatives.

    I get your point though, and it depends on the specific site if you could use it or not.

    Thanks! :-)

  • Thanks Ankit Sharma!

  • no doubt it's a nice looking ribbon menu, the only thing i normally don't like in jQuery is the way it loads the elements, i.e. when the jQuery Ribbon loads, it spread out on the page and than squeez back to the original shape..

    is there any work around to overcome this situation?


  • Jquery ribbon rc 1 released.. Dandy :)

  • Jquery ribbon rc 1 released.. Corking :)

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