SQL Server Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting Services has been released, but the download is for a time-bombed 120 evaluation version.

Cool things:

  • importing Access reports.
  • scheduled execution of reports
  • subscriptions to reports
  • various output types: html, xml, pdf, text, rtf, xls
  • Visual Studio IDE integration
  • XML report definition format (patent pending? :) )
  • web service/soap api


  • MSDE is not an option. Doesn't appear to be even something you can buy for MSDE. (To clarify - you can use MSDE for data sources, but the reporting services database for metadata cannot be hosted by MSDE)


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  • Mike - I remember some review of this thing talking about it not being programmable with C# or VB.NET. Did you see anything in regards to that?

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