Blog tag - five things you didn't know about me

Derek tagged me on this...

  1. I have a Bachelor of Music degree, with a Vocal major. I sang in a number of stage productions at Brandon University between 1985 and 1991, but many of the people who graduated ahead of me went off to Toronto and New York and a year later were mostly involved in 12-step programs and figuring out their mental states of mind. Me, I decided to keep my sanity and go into my other passion, software, for my occupation.
  2. I have a Ford F-250 truck with a diesel engine that runs on used vegetable oil. I converted it a couple of years ago, and in the summer I can run about 80% on used vegetable oil. The winter is more challenging, but it is an interesting hobby. It's an extended cab, yellow in colour, so our family and friends call it "Big Bird".
  3. Someday I want to build a monolithic dome home. It's very disaster proof and highly energy efficient.
  4. I'm involved with a mission in Nicaragua that is building an orphanage.
  5. Someday I will quit the software business and become a high school music teacher. Probably ten years out though.

I tag Steve, Joel, Lyndon, Andrew, and Robert.


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  • You can do better than that! I knew #2, #3, #4, and half of #1!
    #5 - really? You must have much better classroom-management skills than I do (lack of which confirmed me as a non-teacher).

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