New GotDotNet sample posted..

I've just released a new version of my DataPanel on GotDotNet. Anyone who have ever made a ASP.NET dataentry web form with a lot of textboxes for editing data in a lot of columns know it's a tiresome task. You have to set all the Text properties on load with the column values, and put updated values back on update. Try doing this in 20 fields in 10 dataentry forms.

Yes, you can use other tools to automate it, but I missed the feel of the Editmode of the datagrid when editing a row, only without the datagrid. If you recognize this scenario, have a look at my sample. Full source is included, and I also took the time to add a ReadMe.doc with several screenshots and a walkthrough.


  • Any chance that there is a demo for it?

  • That's pretty coo so far. I would use it, except it's not flexible enough for my needs. For example, I need validation against the data. Also, it should be able to handle memo fields, and I should be able to get options on whether I want checkboxes or a "Yes/No" option group. Also, if your field is a foreign key, and you need a dropdown, no dice.

    Don't get me wrong, it's a GREAT control to start, on par with the DetailsView control in Whidbey. But it's not a catch-all for data-editing. You're on the right track towards a better solution, though.

  • Good concept. Looks interesting. I'd like to know more but ...

    In your blog, you state "Full source is included", but the download had only the DLL and a ReadMe.doc, no code.

  • Full source code was included for the previous version because I felt it was useful for educational purposes. The most recent release though is not that interesting for the general GDN audience. If you, or anyone else, wants to make additions or alterations i'd be happy to open a workspace for the project.

    Just be prepared for that it will all be legacy when whidbey comes out next spring.

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