Google GMail routes mail not adressed for gmail to GMail

I need to get this out of my system:

Google finds it appropriate to redirect email addressed to my company address (NOT Gmail) to my GMail account based on me using that address as a password recovery address in my GMail account. When I remove this recovery address. They keep remembering. Details and how Google states that they are doing no evil here.

They also think its appropriate to do the same thing with email flowing through Google Apps where I'm a member of a mailing list - again registered with my company, NOT gmail account.

Google: Please allow email going through your systems be routed to their original recipients and don't try to "help" me out. Especially when you don't support bulk forwarding emails in any easy way so at least I can get all the stuff you steal into Outlook in one go.

Should be a good reason to stick with Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint:-)


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