Reporting Services does not display Hyperlink for Placeholder with Go to URL Action

Got really puzzled about this thing. Fortunately Christian Norbakk had the explanation of the problem:

When using Reporting Services in Sharepoint Integrated mode a Placeholder with Go to URL action will not render as a hyperlink for VALID internal links. It will, however, work for external links and for INVALID internal links. Now if that's not a but I don't know anything anymore:-)

Notice that the links work in Visual Studio Preview mode for the report. It's only after you deploy the report that all valid internal links are stripped.

Christian also told me that Øystein Garshol had managed to work around the quirk by applying a tiny javascript wrapper around the valid internal link which seemed to trick ReportingServices out of eliminating the link. That will be my next attempt too.

Nag me in comments if I forget to update this post with how it went..


  • The real fun is that it will properly display links if they are valid but the end user does not have permission to view a page, so if this means that reporting services somehow check access for all hyperlinks in a report this may affect performance as well...?

  • Try this:


  • nice, really nice!

  • That wont work when rendering to pdf. You can, however, make the link invalid someway like: http\\ instead of //. I tested this in FireFox 3 and IE 7&8. It also works with an exported pdf.

  • thanks for sharing

  • I realize this is quite a while ago at this point, but I'm having the same issue. bradgearon's workaround of using \\ in place of // works for the base url of my site, but if I append anything to it then it won't work.

    So I can link to http:\\mysite but I can't go to http:\\mysite/somepage.aspx.

    any ideas?

    For most the javascript approach is fine, but I need to have the link in PDF as well, which doesn't work with the javascript approach.

  • ="javascript:void('"& Fields!URL.Value &"','_top'))"
    I have tried this one but its not working

  • ="javascript:void(window.location.href='YourPage.html')"
    is working for me perfectly.

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