I put a nice little tool on my website for free download. I put a user interface on top of a tool Chris Sells wrote called XmlSerializerPreCompiler.Exe. You can download it here:


The tool solves the xml serialization problem when you get those nasty serialization messages that really don't tell you anything. Like "File or assembly name ctewkx4b.dll, or one of its dependencies, was not found". This tool checks to see if a type can be serialized by the XmlSerializer class and if it can't, it shows the compiler errors happening behind the scenes.

I have used Chris' tool regularly on my projects but if you are like me and find it painful at times to use the command prompt, then you will appreciate this modification. It does what Chris's command line tool does but allows you to browse to an assembly. It then reflects on the class types in the assembly and let's you see if your class will serialize. If it doesn't, it does it's best to tell you why it didn't work. Here is a screenshot.

                                 XmlPreCompiler image

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  • Hi,

    Thank you very much for this tool!

    You might want to make the listview sorted, as that will improve searching for a certain type when you have a large assembly.



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