CodeMax-A component worth looking at.

About 3-4 years ago I wrote a tool called TemplateX that enabled the building of an application or a piece of an application using a template and an ASP syntax. I did much of this prior to .Net and it had much of the functionality plus some of what Eric Smith's CodeSmith does (but Eric did a much better job of marketing his tool and taking it to the next level with actually compiling .Net code. He also realized that you must charge little as well as provide a large library of templates to get people to use it..kudos Eric). At the time I needed an editor and I selected CodeMax. This is an awesome component and worthy of consideration for anyone doing syntax highlighting. It now costs $199 (it used to be free) but if anyone has actually ever considered writing the code for an editor that does syntax highlighting for a large document you understand the complexity and performance considerations you must take into account. It can be found here.

-Mathew C. Nolton


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