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I have been evaluating the use of Scott Mitchell's RSSFeed control for a new version of my website (it's not done yet) for my consulting company that focuses on the Cable Sector of the Telecommunications Industry and I wanted to display relevant information for both Web Services and the Cable Sector. The control is very nice (and free). During my investigation I wanted to perform a couple of actions that were not quickly apparent but still quite doable once I dug a bit deeper. Specifically, I wanted to be able to:

    1. Keep all items to a single row in the control (without wordwrap).
    2. Display ToolTips

To put all items in a single row, I noticed that it has a boolean called 'Wrap' for an ItemStyle; however, I could not get this to work so I took a nother approach. I modified the RSSDocument to shorten the title to display it correctly. Here is how I did it:

First the code to wire it up:

cableNewsFeed.DataSource = getList( [DataSource], __maxTitleLength, cableNewsFeed.MaxItems );


Next the code to create the list:

protected RssDocument getList( string dataSource, int maxTitleLength, int maxFeedLength )


      // create the engine and get the xml document

      RssEngine engine = new RssEngine();

      RssDocument sourceDocument = engine.GetDataSource( dataSource );

      // all of the properties on the document are 'Get' only, so I created a copy.

      RssDocument results = new RssDocument( sourceDocument.Title, sourceDocument.Link,

            sourceDocument.Description, sourceDocument.Version, sourceDocument.FeedType,


      // get the max offset ( i pass it this in to the method based on the max items of control).

      int countOffset = sourceDocument.Items.Count-1;

      for( int i = 0; i < maxFeedLength && countOffset >= i; i++ )


            // get the item to clone

            RssItem item = sourceDocument.Items[i];

            // shorten the title.

            string title = getTitle( item.Title, maxTitleLength );

            // add the 'New' item.

            results.Items.Add( new RssItem( title, item.Link, item.Description,

                  item.Author, item.Category, item.Guid, item.PubDate, item.RssEnclosure ) );


      // return the results.

      return results;


Method to create the title:

protected string getTitle( string title, int maxLength )


      int length = title.Length;

      if( length > maxLength ) title = title.Substring(0,maxLength);

      return title += "...";


If I were really industrious I would have created the method based on the GDI+ MeasureString method. However, I am not guarenteed that everyone will have the font on their machine. I still think it is worthy of doing this, but maybe later.

Next, I wanted the tool tip to display the description of the RSSFeed. To do this, I wired up the ItemDataBound event:

cableNewsFeed.ItemDataBound+=new RssFeedItemEventHandler(cableNewsFeed_ItemDataBound);

Now the method:

private void cableNewsFeed_ItemDataBound(object sender, RssFeedItemEventArgs e)


      ( ( System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebControl )e.Item).ToolTip = e.Item.DataItem.Description;


The results (btw, it will probably be under a different company name with different verbage):

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