Add-In for updating all reference paths in a solution

Update Project References Add-In 

Visual Studio doesn't natively support the ability to update all selected project's within a Solution with the same reference paths. This is important (at least to me) if you have to download from your source control system a different version of your source code. Since you typically do not check in your project preferences into source control, you will be stuck with the mundane task of selecting your project, setting the reference path, select the next project, etc.

This add-in enables you to select a given set of projects within your solution, set your reference paths and make updates across all selected projects. For example:
UpdateReferencePaths Image

You have a couple of options

  1. Completely Replace Existing References...enough said
  2. Do nothing if a reference exists (and append to end of list if it doesn't)
  3. Prepend to List...(note: if the reference already exists, it will be moved).
  4. Append to List...(note: if the reference already exists, it will be moved).

To use the add-in, copy the files UpdateReferencePaths.AddIn and UpdateReferencePaths.dll to your add-in directory. Typically, this is located at: C:\Documents and Settings\[Your User Name Here]\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Addins

Get the Add-In and the source code here:

-Mathew Nolton


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