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A new webserver for Ajax.NET

Today my domains are moved to a new server, more space, more ram, more power...! A new release of the Ajax.NET wrapper will be uploaded tomorrow morning.

Here are some new features:

  • Windows Mobile PC  (Pocket PC) support
  • configure which protocol will be used for the request (HTTP/HTTPS/Default)
  • J# demo

Also, I will add new examples on how to use Ajax.NET in your current projects.


  • Beej said

    Any chance you could throw together a Hashtable/Dictionary converter?
    Basically I'd just like to be able to simply return a generic name/value collection from my server side methods rather than defining a custom class for each set of return values.

  • scott e said

    Hey Michael,
    Sweet -- I am using 3.0.12 currently. I was thinking that DNN may be messing with the incoming request, but I can't see how that would happen, since there aren't any httphandlers that point to .ashx in the web.config... However, I wonder if the security setup would prevent access there. The IIS log files say that from the examples (wher it works), hitting that directory returns a 200 message, but from the other directory where DNN lives, hitting that directory returns a 302, and it ends up hitting the root of the virtual directory.

    I would be happy to play around with it as well, it's just that I can't debug it... If you feel like sending me the code, send it to scott AT eggertonline DOT com


  • Michael Schwarz said

    @Bob: Ajax.NET is something different to the Live Controls. Ajax.NET is a library that will help to return data to the client. The Live Controls are great, I had a look at the demo samples.

  • Trin said

    Ajax.NET works wonderful if code is in ASPX pages. I moved
    a real large dataset from server side to the client side and built a very large tree on the client side using JS very easily.

    However, I am not able to get the code working for ASCX controls. When i try to execute something like

    treeMainContent_ascx.ServerSide(CallBack_Function); It fails.

    I am not sure how to debug this or why it is happenning. Any help here or at would be great.

    Thanks once again to Micheal (and team ?) for creating this very useful library.

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