Ajax.NET and HtmlControls, Request Cache, Namespace Mappings,...

I have released the next version of the free Ajax.NET Library. You can download the latest version at http://ajax.schwarz-interactive.de/.

The new features are:

  • System.Web.UI.HtmlControls support as arguments and return value to support client control updates without postbacks
  • System.Guid converter
  • Cache Ajax.NET request and response using [Ajax.AjaxMethod(seconds)]
  • Configure the virtual filename for the Ajax.NET JavaScript files. In old version you could see the Namespace, Classname and Assemblyname.

The StackOverflowException I got from several developers was the missing support of System.Guid. This should now work, sorry!

There are new examples available at http://ajax.schwarz-interactive.de/ for HtmlControls, Caching and the Namespace Mapping. You have to scroll to the bottom of the page!

Updated: some other small bugfixes for a new version number: version
- fixed this.url in class.ashx if server is in root folder
- fixed byte[], StackOverflowException
- changed interface IAjaxObjectConverter, added property ClientScriptIdentifier to remove multiple client scripts


  • Just wanted you to see a little something someone created with your implementation. Now I have to get the new one!

  • ;) Yes, I saw it already throught the weblogs here. But I get a script error, row:71, length is null or no object.

  • I think there is a similar issue with the timestamp data type from SQL. I use the timestamp in many tables and noticed that I get a StackOverflowException.

  • Forgot to put in the last post... YOU ROCK! What you have accomplished is very impressive. I am really excited to start making my web applications a lot more user friendly. :-D

  • Can you give more details about the Request Cache? Is it session based, application based?



  • @Marco: I am using System.Web.Caching.Cache. This is an application wide cache that will be removed automatically after the specified time.

  • Thanks

    (and i agree with Mike! a very good piece of code to make webapp more like winforms..)


  • Proud to see that you've included my implementation of supporting HtmlControls. That's my contribution to this very impressive library!

    Go on!

    Cu Jens

  • this is really cool

  • @Jens: yes, thank you for adding more and more features!!

  • How do you pass an HtmlControl into the server? I see how you can pass one back, but I can't seem to pass one into the server code.

  • It would perfect if it supported HtmlGenericControl also then it be super flexible. You'll be able to add DIVs and SPANs with innerHtml and innerText.

  • Has anybody been able to use Web User Controls? I have a page with diferent user controls. Each user controls has several input fields, checkboxes and dropdown lists. I am using AJAX.NET to make the dropdownlists and checkboxes update data on the screen without having to do a postback to the server when the user changes a value. My problem is AJAX does not initialize these controls and every reference to a dropdownlist or checkbox returns NULL.

    Mark E. had the same problem on May ( see "Delay on next Ajax.NET Release") and apparently he solved it, but unfortunately he did not share how he did it.

    Can you please let us know how to deal with this issue? Mark? Michael?

    Thanks and congratulations on such a great product!

  • Can I still specify a callback function with the HtmlControlUpdate method. If so, how?


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