BorgWorX Ajax.NET - howto get a free license

Because there are a lot of developers frustrated by the license of the BorgWorX Ajax.NET source code I will help you how to use the source code in your environment. If you send me your email and mailing address including company name you will get a license to use the Ajax.NET source code in your projects. The only thing you have to do is: send bugfixes or new features (C# source code) to one of the authors email address or using SVN (account needed first). You are not allowed to create a standalone AJAX library with the Ajax.NET source code. Build your own controls using the powerful Ajax.NET library.

At the BorgWorx Wiki you will find the Developer License section which will be available as full license doc in the next days.


  • Harry said

    Who do I send it to? What would the license say? Who are you? There's nothing in the forum that you provided a link to. How is this better than forking the original source myself, using the GPL?

  • Mike Dorsey said

    I work at Avaya in the US. We are interested in using the AJAX.NET library. We don't require the source code, but might be interested in it as an option (only if we find bugs). It is unclear to me what licensing agreement is required. Our company attorneys won't let me use the product until they get a copy of the license agreement.


    Mike Dorsey

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