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Breaking Changes in Silverlight 2

Tags: .NET, Silverlight, WPFE

There is an MSDN article that focuses on changes that might cause your older Silverlight-based applications to now fail or behave differently not on new features/enhancements for this release:

  • Important! Migrating Older Code to the Newer Release

  • Update Silverlight.js

  • Template Breaking Changes

  • Error Messages May not be Available

  • 2-D API Changes

  • HttpWebRequest/HttpWebResponse Supports New Functionality

  • PresentationFrameworkCollection<T> Change

  • Mouse and Keyboard API Changes

  • Changes to TextBlock and its Helper Classes

  • XML DTD API Changes and Default XmlResolver

  • XamlReader.Load() Requires xmlns

  • Removal of Managed FontSource (downloader) Signature

  • XmlResolver Changes

  • Assembly Changes

  • Regenerate Web Service Client Proxies

  • WCF JSON Services May Need SOAP Endpoints

  • In Visual Studio, Use "Add Service Reference" Instead of "Add Web Reference"

  • Loaded Event Signature Change

  • Removal of Managed Downloader

  • BrowserHttpWebRequest Removed

  • Removal of managed MediaElement/Image.SetSource(downloader, partName)

  • SetValue Changes

  • Miscellaneous API Changes

  • System.Net.Sockets Namespace Added

Read full Breaking Changes in Silverlight 2 article.

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