Silverlight 1.0 RC1 available

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As you may have already noticed: the RC1 of Silverlight 1.0 has been put online on the weekend. Since the last beta there have been fixed around 2000 (!) bugs and added some more features.

English downloads are available here:

Because of the big changes RC1 is not 100% compatible to the previous beta versions. That means that a lot of demos currently available will not work after you have changed your version to RC1. Joe Stegman wrote on his blog about the breaking changes between Mix and Version 1.0. In the current silverlight.js you will see some comments on the changes, too.

As you may know when reading my blog I'm waiting for the first Silverlight 1.1 release. So, what happend for this alpha version? Well, the .NET part didn't change, but the Core Runtime of the plugin is the same as 1.0 RC1. You will find the new bits here:

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  • David P. said

    There is a trivial issues with RC 1 on the Mac. The file Silverlight.plugin/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/InfoPlist.strings begins with the byte order mark indicating it is a big endian UTF-16 file. However, if you open it with a text editor it doesn't display properly. The problem is easy to see if you use "hexdump -C" from a command line on it. The carriage return + line feeds should be the hex values of "00 0d 00 0a" but are instead "00 0d 0a". Adding the extra NUL character between the CRs and LFs fixes the issue and displays properly in text editors.

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