with Muhanad YOUNIS

  • Call a Function With Retry Using Generics

    What if you like to call a web service and retry the call again until response? let me show you a nice way to call a function with retry until you retrieve what ever is needed from the function. This could be achieved by using generics especially by extending the Func<T> delegate; check the code below;

       1: public static class MyExtensions
       2:     {
       3:         public static T WithRetry<T>(this Func<T> action)
       4:         {
       5:             var result = default(T);
       6:             int retryCount = 0;
       7:             var succesful = false;
       8:             do
       9:             {
      10:                 try
      11:                 {
      12:                     result = action();
      13:                     succesful = true;
      14:                 }
      15:                 catch (Exception ex)
      16:                 {
      17:                     retryCount++;
      18:                 }
      19:             } while (retryCount < 3 && !succesful);
      20:             return result;
      21:         }
      22:     }

    In the code you can see that we extended the Func that will return an object with type T. This function will keep trying for 3 times but you might change it to keep it trying until it achieve the goal. and here is how to use it

       1: MyService ser = new MyService();
       2: Func<MyService.contentSetList> fCon = () => ser.get(testlist.ToArray<string>());
       3: var con = fCon.WithRetry();
       4: return con;

    hope this helps.

    References: the original code belongs to Scott Allen at his course C# Fundamentals - Part 2 @ thanks Scott.

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