C# and VB Project: A Tutorial Using Data Sets, Table Adapters, WebForms, Controls, File Upload, Excel Import

In this tutorial by Nannette Thacker, we will create a VB or C# project from scratch. We will create DataSets, TableAdapters, a WebForm and Controls, a File Upload, and import and view an Excel Spreadsheet, and more! We'll also learn about intellisense and other features of Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer. This project may be used in both VS or VWD 2005 or 2008. Zip files with the complete source code in either C# or VB, Excel Spreadsheet, and .mdf SQL Server Database is available for download. You may easily modify this tutorial to use an existing database as well.

I have written this tutorial with step by step instructions and screen shots on how to do each point. If you are learning ASP.NET, please don't simply download the source code and plunk it into your project, the best way to learn is to walk through the tutorial from scratch and do each step yourself.

Download the ZIP files:
C#: ShiningStarCExcel.zip
VB: ShiningStarVBExcel.zip

Learning a new technology can be intimidating when first starting out. You want to learn it in 5 minutes, and in some cases, you feel pressured that you must learn it in 5 minutes! I remember first learning C programming in college years ago, and lying on the bedroom floor in tears, crying and pleading with God to teach me. I felt I was struggling, but through His grace, He helped me earn one of only two A's in the course which had over 100 students.

I encourage you, don't give up, and pray for God's help. He will be there for you, as long as your project is one that is not contrary to His will.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

May your dreams be in ASP.NET!
Nannette Thacker


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