Enterprise architecture online user group.

I’m playing with the idea of forming online user group that will deal with Enterprise Architecture. I would like to hear others ideas regarding such an initiative. For sure we can learn a lot one from each other by exchanging experience and knowledge and today there are several technologies that could be used to communicate on-line. I’m willing to run and administrate such user group, just want to hear if there is any audience….




EA online user group – practical steps!


OK, let’s go for it!


I’ve created a wiki so we can communicate in order to shape the group. The wiki address is : http://www.theeagroup.net/default.aspx/EA_GROUP.Enterprise%20Architecture%20online%20user%20group  . I’ll be happy if:

  1. Anyone that is interested to participate in the user group will add his details to the table, including e-mail and GMT diff (so we will have an idea of how to treat time zones).
  2. Anyone who is interested in shaping the group will add his comments to the wiki.


I hope that within a month we can shape the group, then we will update everyone and finally start our group activities.


If you have any questions you can reach me via mail or skype.


from now on all the activities regarding the user group will be on the site (http://www.theeagroup.net) - the wiki.



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