The Enterprise Architect (EA) diary - day 22 (from business processes to implemented applications)

After spending time on keeping our repository up to date (add new ETRM application and related data flows as well as changing databases to DB clusters), collecting more data for the root cause analysis and spending time for writing proposal to creating new software infrastructure team ( that will help us to clean the table from a pile of problems that just keep on growing due to BAU control over IT dev team resources). I spend time to adapt our EA tool to support a diagram flow from high level business processes to implementation of new applications that will better support the business process.


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  • mr gur, i dont understand why none of the images you post are viewable or visible with respect to details. it is required if your audience need to understand what you are meaning to say. for example, the link you have posted to the eagroup, opens up your writing, but makes sense for ea practitioners unless i can see what you are trying to say in your pictures. i am an ea practitioner, so i think you can understand my comment. :(

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