VSS API for .Net

Just found out the API to the VSS. If using visual Studio .Net, the API is at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VSS\win32.

All we have to do is add a reference to the project and start using it. I am sure the MSDN has loads information on this.

VSS has a help system that can help with accessing the API from com and interoperability and other related subjects. It also has information on the VSS Command line utility and writing scripts.


  • What version of VS.NET you're using?

    I can't find it :(

    Do I have explicitely install it?


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  • This api was so-so technology back in 1998 but for 2006 its pretty embarrasing.Microsoft should be embarrased by VSS and its limited API.

  • Any idea if CVS has an API that can integrate with ASP.NET?

    CVS is another type of source control software.

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