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Update: SequenceViz for Reflector


SequenceViz can now show dependencies between different modules.  It is probably not as good as some other proprietary softwares but it is fine for a start and I'm hoping to add more to this in the next release.

As always, here is a screenshot for the assembly dependency view.

"Dependency Explorer uses the Netron Graph library to display graphs so a huge thanks to Francois who gives us Netron and Unfold."

Here is another screen shot of the type dependency graph

You can see that the interfaces are shown in a different way to make it more obvious. The anchor direction is towards the interface to illustrate that the type implements the interface.  In this version, only the base type and the interfaces are classified as dependencies. I looking to include the private/public fields into that list as well; which will then show the true picture of the selected type.

In some cases, you will see clutter like the following due to the large number of tree nodes.

Here you can either Zoom (Ctrl + Mouse Wheel) to see this view in more detail or you can filter out specific type of items by using the options on the top of the screen. Here is the same diagram with types filtered out.

Currently, it is also not possible to filter out individual types from the user interface. In case you want to remove any individual type(s) then check the IgnoredTypeList property in the LiveSequence.exe.config file. The default setting looks like this.

<add key="IgnoredTypeList" value="Form|Type|Control|ControlCollection|String|Assert"/>

Hopefully, I'll also try to include filtering directly from the user interface. As always, try this out and see if you can get any benefit from this. I'll appreciate your comments or suggestions.

Download SequenceViz 0.4 (Source + Binaries)

** I have no problem if you are willing to add this to Reflector. I may not help you in writing any code in that case but I'll be able to help in any other issue.


  • I am getting an odd bug. Every time I click on a method, RunPlot.bat opens up in Notepad. I get a diagram, but as I click on different methods I always get the same diagram, but the title in the upper left does reflect the method name.

    Everything else seems to be working. Running on Vista.

  • One thing you could do after clicking a different method is to check seq.svg file in IE to confirm that the latest diagram is generated.

    If the latest diagram is not generated, you can try to run to run the following command from the Debug\ directory?

    "C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin\pic2plot.exe" -T svg tempseq.pic > temp.svg

    This should give you an updated temp.svg file.

    Unfortunately, I'm not able to check it on Vista. The zip file also has the source so I'd appreciate if you can check if there is something obvious.

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