Visual Studio 2011 New Editor Features

To add a asp:DetailsView, all I typed was <dv, and it’s there for you.


You can extract a snippet of html to a user control


Just ‘space’ after the backgrouund-color property and you’ll see a popup for you to choose from. This is the CSS Color Picker!


If you press on the plus sign, a detailed version of the color picker shows up. Once I moved the opacity slider, the value changes to a rgba() function. NEAT!


I typed in the xml documentation for my divide javascript method and when I call it in the testDivide function, I can see the XML documentation give details about my divide function.


Also, after typing the function call, I press ‘.’ and I can see VS is detecting the return value of my divide function and gives me other functions that I can apply on a Number type.


I can do an F12 and go to the definition of any function.


This one just blew my mind off. I see intellisense even on overloaded js functions.Brilliant!


Can’t wait to start coding in VS2011!

Disclaimer: At the time of blogging VS 2011 was still in Dev Preview... don't hold it to me if something changes in future versions!


  • Seems to be all the features that ReSharper already has :-)

  • Really good and easy to use concepts in vs2011. I liked it. But what r the new changes in it from previous versions?

  • @@Uwe, I know quite a few people who cannot get a licence of R#er, so for those people, these features will be helpful.

    I agree to your point that MS should've already thought of and added these features for devs to use, but atleast now they did.

    @@Gajanan, there have been a few articles abt VS2011 floating around the internet, you can follow them to know more about VS2011 and .net 4.5.


  • HI

    No one beat MS technologies , they are all ahead of technologies,,superb ..thanks buddy

  • Well its good to know that the features of many extensions we have had to install into VS2010 to achieve this is now ready to use in VS2011.

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