.NET Reflector Add-Ins

The Reflector Add-In for Visual Studio .NET is now being maintained in the .NET Reflector Add-Ins GDN Workspace. This has the huge advantage that for every new build of .NET Reflector the add-ins will be compiled and updated. Although the add-ins might keep working when you use Reflector's 'Check for Updates' feature - it is highly recomended that you download the latest add-ins.

In the latest build of the Visual Studio add-in I have fixed one of its most anoying shortcomings. In previous builds you were required to launch Reflector using the 'Addins/Reflector' menu before using any of the Reflector options. In the new build Reflector will be launched when you first use any of the Reflector related functionality. If you wanted to decompile some Visual Basic source into C# you could just select 'Reflector.../Decompile to C#'.  'Synchrinize Reflector' on the other hand keeps your existing view and only synchronizes Reflector (it is desinged to work in a similar way to 'Synchronize Class View').

You can download the latest add-ins from here. Make sure you unzip them into the same directory as 'Reflector.exe' (if you don't the installer won't work!). To install the add-in simply double click on 'Reflector.VisualStudio.exe'. This will install the add-in and fill Visual Studio with Reflector related functionality.  It is a good idea to close all instances of Visual Studio before installing any add-ins.

If you have any problems, questions or ideas please comment here or in the workspace.  If you find a bug then please use the bug tracker.  There is a know issue if you close Visual Studio without first exiting Reflector.  Visual Studio will forget Reflector's tool window locations.  To avoid this simply exit Reflector before shutting down Visual Studio.  Nothing bad will happen if you don't.


  • I've downloaded the latest Reflector ( and Reflector add-ins (, run Reflector.VisualStudio.exe and added it via the VS Add-in manager. I rebooted, ran VS and see all the menu items. When I select any of the Reflector context menu items or select the Addins/Reflector menu item I don't see a reflector window. The Reflector.VisualStudio.exe process starts up (I can see it in task manager) but that's it. Also note that if I then select Addins/Reflector again I get a StackOverflowException in Reflector.VisualStudio.exe within my VS and VS dies and the initial Reflector.VisualStudio.exe remains running.

    Now, part of the problem might be that I had previously installed the previous version of Reflector and the Addins and just installed the new one without removing any of the old stuff. Of course there is no obvious way to remove the old versions. Is there any way to start with a relatively clean slate here?


  • I figured out to uninstall the .NET reflector but that didn't seem to help. I also tried rebuidling the .NET reflector from the sources and unfortantely that didn't make any difference either.

    FWIW, the problem with the second selection of Addins/Reflector appears to be a stack overflow resulting from an infinite loop where ReflectorAddInService.waitForToolWindow calls ReflectorAddInService.Start. which calls ReflectorAddInService.ApplicationToolWindow, which calls ReflectorAddInService.waitForToolWindow, ...


  • I downloaded the latest and greates, I thought.. (, but there it was no vsnet addin.

    But downloaded, there it was.. Does this means that it is now unsupported?

  • How can i completly remove .net reflactor from my laptop ? i am able to remove it from Visual studio 2008 but need to remove it from my system as well

  • the links dont work...

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