Mono 1.1.7 and NUnit

On the NUnit developers mailing list Cory Fox writes:

See attached - this is the 1.1.17 latest Mono release running the 2.4
Release Candidate code with the GUI build turned on, under Gentoo Linux.
This is great news, because no special anything was necessary. This
should mean that, with some minor fixes, we should have NUnit GUI
building on Mono/Linux for the 2.4 release!

A little further down Mat writes:

For those experimenting with mono, Reflector runs when using the /compat
switch and so does Paint.NET, among other things.

Did I read that right? Reflector works on Mono! :)


  • There's pretty gotcha when attempting to run Reflector under any non-Windows OS. The core functionality for reflecting over assemblies uses the unmanaged metadata API, which is COM-based. So while you can open assemblies in reflector and look at the classes and see all the members, you can't disassemble any of the methods. Reflector just bombs out.

  • Yes - it sure does. We couldn't seem to get it working on OSX, but it works on my Gentoo/Linux system.

    Oh - and it's Cory Fo/y/. ;)

  • Also, I put a screenshot of it running on my website, just to show it really is true. ;)

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