TestDriven.NET 2.0.1761 - RC1

I have recently uploaded TestDriven.NET-2.0.1761 RC1 to the website. This version has been in use by a small group of users for a few days. It has so far proven to be very stable, with no new issues reported. There have been some significant bug fixes and improvements since the last build so please don't hesitate to download it. You will find release notes for 'Beta 1' and 'RC1' in the ZIP. Here are a few highlights:

  1. When running under VS2005 you should find 'Test With... Debugger' a lot faster. It now uses a cached test process is a similar way to the default 'Run Test(s)' test runner. It will no longer do a full solution build or touch your project files before starting. This means is will play nicely with version control and doesn't need to create a '*.Surrogate' project when used with MSTest projects.
  2. There is now a 'Repeat Test Run' option on the code context menu. This will rebuild your tests and repeat the test run using the last used test runner. If you prefer to use the keyboard you can associate shortcuts with 'RerunTests', 'RerunWithDefault', 'RerunWithDebugger', 'RerunWithCoverage' or 'RerunWithMSBee'. The 'RerunTests' command will use the last used test runner. The few people who have tried this feature seem to end up using it a lot. :)
  3. You can now 'Test With... .NET 1.1' from VS2005. Your tests will be built using MSBee/.NET 1.1 and executed inside a .NET 1.1 process. Any .NET 1.1 build errors will be merged into the VS2005 'Error List'. This is particularly useful when working on class library code that must run on .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0.
  4. You will find 'Go To Reflector' menu buttons on the 'Code', 'Disassembly' and 'Call Stack' context menus. This isn't strictly speaking using testing related, but it can be very useful if you hit a problem on some system or 3rd party code. For example when an exception is thrown you can easily navigate down the call stack and see exactly what caused it.
  5. Once in Reflector you can right click on any method and 'Toggle Breakpoint'. This means you can set breakpoints on assemblies you don't have the source for! If you're using this in VS2005 be sure to disable the debugging option 'Enable Just My Code'. You can find this on the VS2005 'Options...' dialog under 'Debugging\Enable Just My Code'.

If you find any issues in this version, please don't hesitate to let me know!

You can download TestDriven.NET 2.0 RC1 from here.


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