Support for Reflector 5.0 in TestDriven.NET 2.3

Lutz Roeder has just announced the release of .NET Reflector 5.0! This is a significant update with lots of refinements and new features. Perhaps most significantly it includes support for C# 3.0 language features such as LINQ query expressions, lambda expressions and extension methods. See my screencast about using Reflector 5.0 from VS Orcas.

You can find a powerpoint presentation here about the new features in Reflector 5.0 (this is definitely worth a look).

All add-ins for Reflector will need to be updated to work with 5.0. This includes the Reflector support in TestDriven.NET. Once you have updated to Reflector 5.0 you will need to install TestDriven.NET 2.2 or higher. You can download the latest from here (2.3 Beta as of today).

To sweeten the pill I have extended TestDriven.NET's Reflector support. :-) There is now 2 way synchronization for all member types between Visual Studio and Reflector (types, methods, fields, events etc.). You can 'Go to Reflector' from Visual Studio and 'Go To Source Code' from Reflector.

You can also 'Go To Reflector' from the 'Solution Explorer' reference, project and solution nodes. This makes Reflector a great way to navigate and search the solution you're working with.

Below you can see a few of my favorite features in Reflector 5.0.

  1. All member types in the outline view are now hyperlinked (the bold text below).
  2. You can view an entire class using the 'Expand Methods' link.
  3. XML comments are shown at the bottom of the Disassembler view.

Download TestDriven.NET 2.3 Beta from here. See the release notes for more information.

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