TestDriven.Net 2.20: Improved NCover Integration

In the latest release of TestDriven.Net, you’ll find much improved integration with all versions of NCover:

Support for 64-bit Windows

‘Test With > Coverage’ now works on 64-bit versions of Windows. In previous versions this could be made to work by compiling your test project for x86. The new version will automatically execute your tests in a 32-bit process if a 64-bit version of NCover can’t be found. (There is similar 64-bit Windows support for dotTrace and Team Coverage)

No more ‘Reload coverage file?’ dialog

NCoverExplorer 2.1 & 3.0 will no longer prompt to reload the coverage file. The coverage report will automatically refresh when new data is available. If you’re using NCover 3.0.18 or higher, you won’t be prompted to save a ‘New Project’ when you close NCoverExplorer.

Automatic assembly filtering

If you’re using NCover 3.0, only assemblies that have a corresponding PDB file will appear in the ‘Explorer’ window. I’m hoping this is a good alternative to explicitly naming assemblies that shouldn’t appear in the coverage support.

Support for Typemock Isolator

You can now execute ‘Test With > Coverage’ with NCover 3.0 and Typemock Isolator installed. (Previous versions would fail with the error: ‘Couldn't find TypeMock profiler name for NCover 3.0’.)

Recommended Versions of NCover & Typemock

If you have a commercial license for NCover, make sure you’re using NCover 3.0.18 or later. If you’re using Typemock Isolator, I recommend you use at least version 5.3.0.


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