Becoming a better developer

The infamous first post, ok here we go!

My name is Ola Karlsson, I'm a Web Developer mainly focusing on Microsoft products and technologies.

My interests when it comes to web development, includes things like RIA (especially Silverlight), Web standards and the phenomena loosely known as Web 2.0.

This blog is a large part of my quest to becoming a better developer, since hearing about the idea on a hanselminutes show  the idea to do something myself to become a better developer has been at the back of my head.

For quite some time I've been reading blogs and examples by other people but often I then never get around to trying it myself. I believe that the best way to get your head around something is to explain it to someone else.

In the original post by Justice Gray, there are two main ways to help you accomplish what you set out to do, A write down your goals and B share them with someone.

So, here are my goals which I hope will help me become a better developer and hopefully help some other people along the way.

  1. I will write one development related post per week and post them on this blog
  2. I will publish at least one code sample with write up per month
  3. I will become more active on forums like and

There we go, written down and shared with whomever might happen to read this!

I said that this blog is one part of my quest, the other part is my new website, where I plan to publish my code samples and my ongoing coding adventures.

If you happen to read this, I hope it might have sparked some interest and that you'll come back and check on my progress as I embark on my web development adventures in a .NET world.




  • Hola Ola. I'm kind of doing the same thing, although with less strict letter of the law requirements.

    Come take a look to see any of the stuff I'm blogging on meets the interest of any of the stuff you're learning.

    I focus on the development of Rich Internet Applications as well.

  • Hey Glenn, it's an exiting time to be a web developer, so many new and interesting things to learn! I'll make sure I'll keep an eye on your blog :)

    Hehe, "letter of the law", yeah I guess it can seem a bit like that. I just know myself and maybe if I'm strictly telling myself, these ARE the things I WILL do, I might actually do it ;)

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