Silverlight 2 beta 2 available this week!!

I don't usually post news etc. as I think there are plenty of other people doing a good job in that area.

However I just saw something that got me really exited, Bill Gates announced today at Microsoft Tech·Ed North America 2008 Developers that Silverlight 2 beta 2 will be available this week!

And why is this sooo exiting, well for one thing it's one step closer to being RTW (Released To Web) it's also bound to have some bug fixes and possible some new features. However the really big deal is that it comes with a commercial Go Live license! So now we can finally start using Silverlight 2 in real world projects for clients.

Aside from looking forward to starting building real apps in Silverlight 2 myself, I'm also very much looking forward to seeing what other people will come up with now that it's commercially available.

Update: The folks over at the Silverlight SDK Blog now has a post that mentions some of the changes that we'll be seeing in Beta 2.


  • ummm, there are quite a few things not supported in SL2B1 that needed to be supported. dependency properties, for example since I want to have different style declarations and set the style of an object dynamically which you can do in SL2B1 but I expect it to work in SL2B2. I also dont think that the triggers have issues with custom dependency objects and only internal ones work.

  • is this correct tht some code developed for Beta 1 will break under Beta 2...little worry abt that..

  • Very cool Richard, thanks for sharing :)

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