3 Reasons why I am so excited about attending Convergence 2013!

Convergence 2013 is just around the corner! New Orleans seems to be closer everyday :)

I can’t really hide how excited I feel about attending this event again, the biggest one in the year for the Microsoft Dynamics Community. This is also an special year for us at UruIT Dynamix and for me, both as a member of this fantastic crew and as a rep of the MS Dynamics CRM Spanish Community, elblogdedynamicscrm.com.

So geeked I feel  that I decided to share with you just 3 main reasons why this is so special for me:

  • Reason #1: getting together with lots of great friends :-). Dynamics CRM community and specially, the MVP community is my second family and this is the chance (sometimes the unique among the year) to get everyone together in a non-virtual fashion ;-). E-mail, chat, social networks, etc, all work fine but nothing like gathering in the same place and share some drinks ;-).

I guess you can recognize several of these faces and if you are one of them, probably will feel some nostalgia…


…the above was taken at MVP Summit 2011 and it is amazing how this family has grown in just a couple of years:


This is from the last MVP Summit that I couldn’t attend unfortunately and that’s also why maybe I am so anxious to catch up with everyone!.

  • Reason #2: being honored by co-authoring The CRM Field Guide with several recognized MVPs, now I am keen on with the idea of signing books together at CRM User Group booth. This will be carried out every day at 2pm so stop by the booth to meet the authors, say hello, tell us your feedback and get your copy signed by any of us.


In addition, special discounts coupons will be offered if you don’t have the book and want to buy it right there. As far as I know, limited number of books will be available so I’d recommend you hurry up for your copy in that case ;-).

The CRM Field Guide is an essential guide to Microsoft Dynamics CRM that everyone should have on their bookshelf. This book offers you details not only on CRM fundamentals and extensibility points but also the tried and true best practices and strategies of the combined experience of some of the most recognizable global experts in the CRM industry. The field guide contains insights from many CRM MVP contributors and is intended to be a book you pick up over and over again as you use CRM.

  • Reason #3: having our own booth where we will be officially showing the RTW version of CRMGamified®, our innovative gamification add-on for Dynamics CRM that I personally have strong feelings it will change the way companies fuel users adoption, a hot topic in CRM / XRM projects.

In addition, mimicking CRMGamified®, we came up with the crazy idea of gamifying Convergence with a KINECT game specially developed for this occasion, where you can earn points, share your score and get some gifts based on your score. Just stop by booth #457 | Hall F to join the fun! :) .

A preliminary, under development screenshot that I shouldn’t’ be sharing yet Smile with tongue out


So, hope to see you all there!!. Are you also excited about Convergence?  Hope so!.



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