Error importing solution: Found more than one RibbonDiff entity


When trying to import (actually update) an unmanaged solution, the import process failed due to an error in the ribbon of an existent entity. Pretty odd I didn’t modify it since last import.

I downloaded the log file and found the actual error message which was:


Found more than one RibbonDiff entity

Did some research and found it is a known issue, documented in this KB article.


What the above article suggests is that there may be duplicate LocLabel nodes with same LocLabel Id. Nevertheless, after opening my customizations.xml I couldn’t find any duplicates.


In my case, what I did to sort out this problem was:

  • Open solution zip file and edit customizations.xml (back it up first, obviously Smile with tongue out)
  • Completely replace the whole <RibbonDiffXml> node with just an empty one:
    • Just leave it as is: “<RibbonDiffXml />
  • Import the solution. This time, it should work and import process should complete successfully.
  • Publish customizations
  • Undo the changes to customizatinos.xml file, restoring the original <RibbonDiffXml> node.
  • Import again the solution.
  • It should work again Smile.

Hope it helps to save you some time.


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