Utility Methods - Are They The Devil?

Awhile back I posted a blog on string comparisons.  The number of comments on that blog also spawned debate at AZGroups.  One of the intriguing manifestations of the debate was regarding the use of utility methods in general.

Some of the comments regarding utility methods go like this:

"Nothing but a wrapper around existing and proven framework code"

"No need to create utility methods that are less than 3 lines of code"

"Introduces unnecessary overhead"

Some replies practically suggested how evil such methods were.  It got even more interesting when Extension Methods entered the picture.

For what it is worth, I will continue writing utility methods, despite the horns growing above my ears.

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  • I personally Like the idea of Utility methods. and specially when they are being used in many places. If we do not have these helper methods and we have to change the functionality(that should have been written in the utility method) then its a real big pain.

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