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  • What's going on with C#, XAML and .NET: we can see just the top of the aisberg ... I'd like to touch the whole future that's coming

    Today, like many other TechEd attendee, I attended the session of Chris Anderson. It was a very effective presentation, about how to leverage XAML markup serialization to represent code with markup. The idea is obviously smart, above all because you can imagine a software written in markup and compiled and executed on a case by case basis, using WPF, SilverLight, whatever ... depending on the client environment, but with always the same XAML code under the cover.

  • WF hosting in BizTalk 2006? Sure!

    Today was announced at TechEd 2007 the availability of a new tool to host WF workflows into BizTalk Server 2006. Sounds a good idea and confirms, like in this post of Paul Andrew, that WF will have a main role in future releases of BizTalk Server.

  • ADO.NET Synchronization Services

    I've just attended a session about Smart Client development with Visual Studio Orcas. One of the most interesting new features are Synchronization Services, because you can leverage SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5, to manage offline data cache, with automatic synchronization with a backend SQL Server. Sounds a good idea, by the way I'm wondering if there's a way to enpower this infrastructura with entities rather than with DataSet and typed DataSet.

  • Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for WSS3 v. 1.0

    I've just attended a practical session about the RTM of VS2005 Extensions for WSS3. This Visual Studio Add-in allows to define Web Part, Site Definition, List Definition and SharePoint solutions, easily and quickly working within Visual Studio 2005. Sounds interesting the SharePoint Solution Generator utility, useful to convert a concrete site definition, defined using SharePoint Designer, into a Site Definition to deploy many times. Here you can download it.

  • TechEd 2007 - First Day is going to finish

    Today was not very exciting. The Keynote was not so brilliant, without any announcement or beta preview. By the way we know that TechEd is not a "wow" event like PDC, and this year PDC is under rescheduling ... so probably there's nothing really exciting at all.

  • WCF Custom Authentication and Impersonation

    During the last days I needed to develop a custom Authentication and impersonation mechanism for Indigo. It was not so easy, due to the lack of documentation, since we're still in early betas/ctps. By the way I handled it and here is what I've discoverded, in case someone else is looking for this.
    Of course, because I'm just a WCF lover and I'm working with it because I need to use it in a real project of a customer of mine, please if someone (eventually from Indigo team...) has any kind of comment or errata corrige about this post ... please do it, I will really apreciate it. Thanks.

  • WCF missing CAS

    My experiments with WCF, during summer time, seem to be confirmed by Christian Weyer ones. As Christian states WCF (aka Indigo) is apparently affected by a lack of support for Code Access Security. If you run your code in a Fully Trusted environment it works great, otherwise it simply doesn't work!