Separating RSS Feeds from Email using Send/Receive Groups

One of the nicer new features in Outlook 2007 is the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds and read them just like emails.  There's been a bit of confusion lately though about how RSS is tied to the Email Send/Receive in Outlook 2007.  So for those people with huge bloglists, here are detailed instructions on how to separate the retrieval of RSS feeds from your normal email by using Send/Receive groups.

The first thing you need to do is to remove RSS Feeds from the "All Accounts" Send/Receive Group.  To access the Send/Receive Groups settings, drop down the Send/Receive menu from the Send/Receive button or just hit Ctrl+Alt+S.

This will bring up the Send/Recieve groups dialog box. 

Select the "All Accounts" group and click "Edit".  This will bring up a dialog box that allows you to select which items to include in the group.


Select "RSS Feeds" on the left and you'll see that it is included in the Send/Receive group by default.  Uncheck the "Include RSS Feeds in this Send/Receive group" check box and click "OK".  RSS Feeds will no longer be updated with your email.  In fact, they won't be updated at all if we don't add a new group.

From the Send/Receive Groups dialog box, click on "New" and add a new Send/Receive group called "RSS Feeds Only".  Then select the RSS Feeds and check the "Include RSS Feeds in this Send/Receive group" checkbox. 


Click on "OK" and your back to the groups dialog.  Be sure to uncheck the "Include this group in Send/Receive (F9)" check box. Now you can specify the schedule for when you want Outlook to update your RSS Feeds independent of your email.


 If you want to manually update the RSS Feeds you can use the Send/Receive menu or use the shortcut keys Alt+C, 2.

 That's all there is to it! 

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  • Thanks Paul for the tip, but this is not a real solution to what I experienced.
    Yes it's a good to separate the feed from the mail, then I question why this has not been done by default. Not every user will be 'smart' enought to find this tip.
    Also the number of errors I got from the Outlook reader make the RSS feed useless in Outlook.
    For now, I am using Newsgator with exactly the same OPML list and no problem at all. It's fast, simple and the reader doesn't slow my machine to a crawl!
    Waiting to see again this with the next Service Pack, maybe

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