Give Back at Give Camp, Oct 21-23!

Let's be frank...Most of us developers have it pretty good. We happen to have hung our hats on an industry that has plenty of work, even in the midst of a protracted recession. (Okay, this might not be true for every developer but as a general rule, employment for software professionals is better than many other sectors. If you are currently unemployed, I wish you the best in locating a job.)

We possess unique and valuable skills that would be valuable to charitable organizations if they just could afford to hire us.

Now woudn't it be nice if there was a low-barrier, low-pain, short-term-commitment way to hook up worthy non-profits with software professionals to crank out a few apps in a short amount of concentrated time? Well there is and it's called GiveCamp!

GiveCamp is a weekend-long event where software developers, project managers, designers, database administrators, and other software professionals donate their time to create custom software for non-profit organizations. The next National GiveCamp is being held October 21-23 in 20+ cities.

I am leading the Seattle instance of GiveCamp. If you are in the Seattle area (or close enough to drive to Seattle) and are a software professional, we'd love to have your help in helping a great bunch of charities. You can volunteer here. (BTW, we need both technical and non-technical volunteers.)

[And if you are part of a charity (or know a worthy charity) that might be interested in applying for help at Seattle GiveCamp, you can submit an application here. But hurry so you can get your app in by our deadline (first deadline is Sept 15; last deadline is Oct 7).]

And if you are not in the Seattle area, but still want to help, please check out the National GiveCamp site where you can find the closest GiveCamp with which to hook up (charities can go here too to find an event in your locale).

Note that your volunteer committment is only for 1-3 days. That's it. GiveCamp is not about supporting the apps you work on for life. (Of course, if you want to make a longer-term committment, I'm sure the charities will be happy to sign you up outside of the event--but that's not what GiveCamp is about.)

With your help, we can make National GiveCamp a success that we can all be proud of! Thank you.


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