About "Peter and the case of the ASP.NET developer"

Peter Blum is one of the best-known asp.net web control programmers. After many years building UIs for commercial Windows and Macintosh applications, Peter has applied his skills to building feature rich and useful web controls since 2002. 1000s of companies are using his controls to enhance their websites.

Peter's company, PeterBlum.com, is a solo effort. Peter creates the documentation and provides the tech support. He takes these tasks as seriously as writing code.

Over the years, Peter has released these commercial titles:

Peter's Polling Package

Peter's Data Entry Suite

Peter's Professional Validation (formerly Professional Validation And More)

Peter's More Validators

Peter's TextBoxes

Peter's Date and Time (formerly Peter's Date Package)

Peter's Interactive Pages

Peter's Input Security

DES Dynamic Data

Peter has a strong focus on data entry within ASP.NET web forms. He enjoys filling the gaps between what is native to ASP.NET and what programmers need to achieve their finished sites.

This blog will include discussions of his product and company. But it will also focus on more general topics, especially the art of building ASP.NET web controls, data entry web forms, and using ASP.NET Dynamic Data.