New things

Totally non .Net related but more important to me, is the fact that my daughter had her 2nd baby just 2 days ago, which makes me a grand daddy for the 2nd time! His name is William Paul Francis and weighed in at approx 4Kg. A nice size indeed (much to my daughters anguish at the time...). Me and my wife are very proud grandparents again, and my daughter and her partner are very happy indeed. I shall post some pictures soon.

On that same night, I also achieved my 3rd degree black belt after 3 months in total of grading which was also a great highlight, so it was 2 happy events on the same night so I was incredibly overjoyed. Obviously, the birth of my 2nd grandchild overshadows everything, but its still nice to have been able to complete my grading (with my other children their watching). Its been pretty hectic the last week as we have been very involved in helping my daughter and her partner with preparation for the birth, and also in the birthing process (my wife being support partner also, and me being the child minder) so its a great releif to see everything working out nicely and being able to bask in the glow . . .


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