3 out of 3 Xbox units die

Just awesome. I have owned 3 Xbox units in my time. Every single unit has died a little after a year of operation. My first original XBox console died around 1 year and 2 months after I bought it. My second original XBox console died another year and a bit after purchasing it.

Now, my XBox 360 has died, 1 year and 1 month after I purchased it. Just freaking awesome.

Luckily, I purchased an extended service agreement with this unit (with the retailer, not Microsoft) where I get a brand new one if -anything- goes wrong with it in within 2 years of purchase. So I am off to swap out this unit (and kick some heads if I dont get a new one).

I have to say, I am super disappointed and quite annoyed. The XBox 360 may have gnarly graphics, great integration and expandability, but the reliability sucks big time. I treated this unit like a baby. Well ventilated location, very stable area, no bumps or hits, all pristine stuff. In fact, I was using the unit happily not more than 1 hour ago. Turned it on after a bit, red ring of light (read: death) and the E 74 error. If it wasn't for the fact that I had this extended service agreement to get another XBox, there is no way I would be getting another Xbox 360, thats for sure. I might make my money from working wth Microsoft stuff and the software I work with is great, but I'll be stuffed if I am endorsing this piece of hardware any further. 3 out of 3 units dying is a good enough statistic for me and I have spent thousands of dollars over the years putting these consoles to the test.

Interestingly, I have a butchered original XBox unit that is still working. This was a unit I got working from my 2 original Xbox units which were both dead.


  • Microsoft's just trying to tell you to stop playing and get back to work Paul! Can't have our MVPs slacking off now can we (unless they are XBox MVPs)

  • extended warrantee? I live in the UK we dont have that over here - we have to pay for the repairs - now on my 4th xbox which have the E 74 error - also found out I could not register my console because it had been reconditioned by microsoft eg mf date is 2005

  • e74 here too 3 months old
    used three times
    just like microsoft to put out another product
    not ready for use

  • whenever i hear about the ring of death i can't help thinking of the movie with Naomi Watts

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